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Degree Pathways that are changing the way we live, breathe and eat:
Bioenergy and Environmental Sciences
The marriage of analytical thinking skills and computational tools to solve real-world problems.
Careers that impact the world.
Agriculture is going through a renaissance, and Indiana is leading the charge. Find your path to a career that will effect millions by combining agriculture, technology and science.
Careers that help feed millions:
Market Research Analyst and Marketing Specialist
Conduct research and analyze consumer, industry and sales trends to create business and market strategies.
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Six Things You Should Do Before Starting Your Job Search
Starting your job search can be a daunting task. Where will you apply? What will you put on your resume? Before you jump in to start filling out applications, use these quick tips to make sure you are set up for success.
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David A. Teich
Artificial Inteligence (AI) is becoming a vital function of agricultural operations. Recent innovations now allow us to holistically track issues in the field, from irrigation to nutrients and pests. Seeing how COVID-19 has affected our food supply means that agtech is more important now than ever. Our supply chain is fragile and this is one powerful step toward mitigating risk.
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